The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Have you ever had a moment… a moment that you knew while you were in it, would change you for life? Have you stood in that moment and knew that your soul or heart would never be the same way again? I have, and whether the moments were welcomed or unwelcome I personally wouldn’t change any of them. I was born with spice in my veins, into a household of two VERY strong women that raised me RIGHT, and a strong spine but it is in these moments that I have learned  the most valuable lesson…me!

Through the tears, pain, love, and laughter I have learned that I can take on the world with a finesse I never knew I had. Having come out on the other end of these moments I can say that I have learned that it is ok to crumble when I feel weak, as long as I rise again a stronger me (Like a Phenix surrounded by soot). By no means have I come out unscathed, there are wounds that will never fully heal and scars that will sear my soul till the end. In the end I wear the scars from my unwelcome moments with pride. Out of the many treasures I have taken from these moments, it is the knowledge that I stand stronger, more powerful, and more FUCKING proud of the woman I am today than before because I stood and stared in the eyes of challenge and controversy when so many backdown!

So, to the moments that have come welcome and unwelcome… THANK YOU… Thank you for opening my eyes to knowledge, the small beauties of the world, to welcoming love and second chances, but most of all… STRENGTH. For if it were not for these moments I would not know who I am and how much I can withstand.



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