Why not yourself?

Good Morning Beautiful World!

“I don’t know the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” -Bill Cosby

Initially I had no true inspiration for today’s writings. I felt something bubbling up from the depths of my soul that wanted to be heard, but NADA… THEN BAM!

Today I pose the question, why not please yourself? Before any of you go to that deliciously secret place, let me explain. So often we do for others in our life, because it the “right” thing to do. Many times sacrificing our wants and NEEDS in the process. When is sacrificing our happiness no longer ok?

I ask this question because so often we do for others (not just our families), often sacrificing the things that matter most to us. Many times it’s the mentality that “tomorrow will come”. Well GUESS WHAT Ladies and Gents… What if tomorrow never comes? Morbid in a way, but why continue living for something that is not certain? Why continue trying to please everyone around you when in the end it is you alone at the casket? Yes, again I realize thats a morbid thought process… but real and raw never the less.

If your saying to yourself your not a conformist or you don’t try and please people, YOUR WRONG… If you have put something on the back burner because you HAD to focus on something right now… That of course is no longer relevant, then your fall into what I am talking about. If you have ever gone against the true will of what you want or need because you didn’t want to incite an argument at home, WELL this blog is talking to you too. IF you have ever said, “now is not the time” or my favorite “I’ll do it tomorrow”, then I am talking to you.

Now I get it, we can’t all be rule breakers and hellions. I am not saying to tell work to Fuck off. What I am saying is that in the end it’s you in the casket. When it’s your time to go will you feel that you were 100% happy with your life? Don’t say YES right away to prove a point. I said 100% happy! 100% happy is not saying, “oh I wanted to do this BUT it just didn’t happen and thats ok” HELL NO it’s not ok! So, go out there and jump out that airplane (don’t get to excited and forget your parachute), go out there and kiss the person you love, and go out there and LEAVE IT ALL ON THE TABLE! Today is the day! Tomorrow is not a guarantee, I my friends am living proof.

So go and LIVE!

Undefeated Diva

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