Miracles do happen!

Once all struggle is grasped, miracles are possible.

Mao Zedong

When stuck in the rut of never ending doctor’s visits, hospital stays, medicines, and never knowing what will happen next it is difficult to consider that miracles happen. I am living proof that they do!

As many of you know from my Facebook and Instagram accounts, after many years of being told it would never happen… I am PREGNANT! I am living a beautiful miracle. After battling a small bout of cervical cancer in my early 20’s and getting diagnosed with my share of chronic illnesses, I was told for many years I would never be able to have a child or that it would not be safe to have biological children. Well how about this medical professionals… I’m pregnant with a beautiful little boy and am still kicking ass! I bet nothing in your medical schooling taught you to never underestimate a strong woman.

I will say it hasn’t been the easiest of roads, but there is no question from my family or myself that KNOWS this baby is a miracle. My Lupus has been at bay, my fibro although comes and goes has behaved in ways I didn’t know possible without medications, and my heart is full. I realize that this is not always the way for my fellow sisters out there, but like I always say… FIGHT. Trust in yourself my fellow spoonies. Trust in your instincts and knowledge. Remember that even if your doctor has known you all of your life, they are still not YOU! They cannot tell you how you feel and what is best for you.

Stay strong, love hard, and believe in miracles oh and above all… KEEP KICKING ASS!


Undefeated Diva


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