Spoonies job is never done!

A sick Spoonie? NO! Never!

As I sit in the lounge at work, I find myself sitting doing a breathing treatment. There is no shame in it, but there is without question education to be had or given. The flu is going around the office and to say I work in close quarters is an understatement. So the hacking, nose blowing, and ever so present dropping of staff has begun. I sit in the lounge with the big boss and she watches me as I place all of my equipment on the table. As I start my nebulizer, she excuses herself. Several other staff come in and apologize. I took a moment to explain, there is no shame in it. I have to breathe, this helps me do it. Although there is no doubt that at times we as individuals with chronic illnesses have people in our private space, this is not one of those. Education was without question given.

I am fortunate that I work in an environment that is understanding to difficulties such as mine. Nevertheless, I still sat and wondered what my fellow spoonies go through. I am not naïve, I know I am fortunate. My fellow spoonies, stand up. Let me know is it difficult for you to take care of yourself if needed at work? Are they understanding? Would you feel weird sitting in a lunch room doing a breathing treatment? If you want use the comments section as a sounding board!

If I have learned anything in the last couple of years is that, I have a second family out there. When I am having a bad day I take to my social media and I get all of the support I could possibly imagine. I also provide support to those having a terrible day or moment. If you feel this way, there are people out there….. I’m here! So reach out! Remember our job is NEVER done. Remember that our first priority is to take care of ourselves so we can be around for the long haul but every once in a while we need that push, reminder, filled with love!

So spoonies, unburden yourself. Our job is never done and you have a second family to fall back on!


Undefeated Diva



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