Changes and Hard Times

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.
Frederick Douglass

Life albeit comedic in its own masochistic way, is beyond beautiful. If we allow it to be. It’s so easy to fall into a place of sorrow or pity when one is continuously hit with life altering situations. It’s easy to fall into the whole of self doubt and pain. Never truly considering that if you are living to endure another situation then you pulled through the last one!

In the recent year I have had to make some of the hardest decisions I believe I will ever have to make. The ending of what started as a beautiful chapter is never easy. While going through it I never looked ahead because I was too busy sulking in the pain of the change I had created. A change that was forced by the hand I was dealt. I sulked, I cried, I threw the ultimate pity parties… Because the clouds were so gray I refused to see past them to the sunshine. I sit here a year later from my initial decision a new person. A person with a new found resolve. A new lease on life. Had someone told me a year ago that my life would be the way it is today, I would have never believed them! I would have never believed that I would be sitting here with the peace I feel. Because as the quote below says some of the most beautiful things come from changes or mistakes. It is not always easy to see when your going through them. To be honest there are times I didn’t want to see past what I was going through, because I honestly could not deal with much more than what I had on my plate.

No matter how I dealt with my past, I stand today a complete person. A person with a resolve so strong that no one but myself and God could tear down. I am proud to say I’ve made it… And there is no doubt life will throw its curves at me but at least I will have the knowledge of knowing I will survive and out of it there will be something beautiful, even if that something beautiful is something as small as a stronger piece of me.

Undefeated Diva


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