A day of remembrance. Yesterday, on the eve of one of the most difficult days for my family and I, several close friends lost loved ones. Lives were forever changed and it brought about the real fact that you are gone. 

I can’t begin to believe it has been 2 years, today. The pain ever real and present. Remembering you in the quietest of moments. I miss your giggle most, maybe it is because I hear it every time I laugh. You live on in all of us, each and every day. I vow that I will make sure your legacy lives on in the new generation to come. It’s amazing I can tell he already has your nose. A beautiful reminder of our matriarch. 

Today even the most simple of things will be difficult as I fought to rise from bed. Thank you for taking care of me while mom was providing. Thank you for bringing me an egg sandwich EVERY DAY to school and being the lunch lady so you could watch over me. I have your strength… which is both scary and insightful. 


Today I remember you… Te amo y te extrano abuela. May you continue to RIP.

5 thoughts on “Rememberance 

  1. Your post brought me tears and with equal measure, joy over the years granted me with my beloved grandmother as well.
    I have just found your Blogg whilst in my lupus temple…The bed. Desperate to console myself while weathering a flare. Thank you. You cheered me up. Xxx lilly


  2. Feather pillows- the only way to flare in style! Take care, Btw your latest post spoke volumes to me, are we living on a parallel universe?! Lol lillyx

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