Insomnia Fun! 


Sigh, ah my friend Prednisone strikes again. Honestly I shouldn’t complain since about 13 hours ago I was begging for them. There is nothing like being sick and having a 5 week old! Thank the lord for my beautiful family that took the time to help today and everyday. Without them we would be lost. 

So back to my homey Prednisone! Wide awake at 330am… Did my usual searching the Internet, read some news, now shooting out a blog. Oh how I have not missed this dose of steroids. Nothing like a 125mg shot of  Solu-Medrol to the back side to get the party started and a Prednisone taper. All to make sure your lungs stay open and don’t fail you again. 

On a positive twist, no fever and I do in fact feel quite a bit better! So I guess I shall thank thee old homey Prednisone for that and I shall not smite you for keeping me awake! (Although this works out for feedings)

Looking at the positives 🙂

Hoping my fellow spoonies out there are having a beautiful night! 

Undefeated Diva

2 thoughts on “Insomnia Fun! 

  1. Must have been the energy and pride in your bones from the PR paride this weekend in NY. NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN! , lol


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