Keep the faith. The most amazing things in life tend to happen right at the moment you’re about to give up hope. Unknown  

 I do not know what is going on in the world lately. The world seems to be off its axis. I carry a very heavy heart lately, but today it is overwhelming. So many of my friends and family are going through tough times. I have family sitting next to their little boy in a hospital bed for over 2 weeks, a friend sitting next to their son in ICU with brain swelling, I have friends that have been in car accidents, I know a mommy that lost her husband and is now left to care for their 5 beautiful girls alone. There are two little girls that will never remember what their father was like. A very sad couple of weeks, my peeps. So much pain and sadness in the world. I have prayed harder in the last couple of weeks than ever before. I have prayed for healing for those in need. I have prayed for those going through tough times to feel the love. Above all I have prayed for peace for those that are living through these situations.
Sometimes all we have is faith. All we have is the hope that everything will be okay. One gets to a point in a situation that you know nothing will be the same way ist was, but have faith that everything will be okay. I ask everyone to hold close those that you love. Tell those you love and care for how you feel. Take a moment to kiss and hold your babies a little longer. Above all take a moment to thank your higher power for today. Thank your higher power for all that you do have, and always have faith because everything will be okay.
To my peeps going through a tough time, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hold tight!

8 thoughts on “Faith

  1. working in a children’s hospital as a music therapist I see a lot of what you describe. My inspiration comes from the kids whose spirits are so inspiring! Your blog makes me want to start an insomnia blog of my own.


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