Medical Team

Second to your A-Team, your medical team are the most important people to you. You spend endless hours in and out of their offices, they see you in your most vulnerable hour, and you have to be able to trust that if you are unable to make a medical decision that they know what you want and how you want. So, I can not stress enough how vitally important it is that you have a good relationship with ALL of your physicians. 

Living in the DC Metro Area, I was spoiled. I had a medical team that were not only cutting edge but that picked up the phone and contacted one another in an emergency! You heard that right, they picked up that phone and made the connection. Unfortunately, I haven’t always been so lucky. As many of you know we are lucky to get an appointment that we do not have to wait 6 months for. Not to mention the endless wait times, once back the rushed appointments, and let us not forget the sometimes not so pleasant staff. Often times we go into these practices and know more about the disease than the specialist does. 

So needless to say I am ready to meet  the possible new member of my team, tomorrow. I say possible because one thing I do NOT do is settle for less when it comes to my team. Most people would think I was crazy for what I am about to say, but my medical professionals are not just Drs. To me it is about going in and building a relationship with them. If I have to spend endless hours with you, your medical staff, and under your care, rest assured that I am going to cultivate and nurture that relationship. I am not the run of the mill patient. I do not walk in, get a prescription, and leave. My doctors/medical professionals share my life. (My favorite respiratory therapist from my local hospital just retired… Wouldn’t you know we stay in regular contact.) I know to most this sounds insane, or over the top but when you are in a hospital bed and can not breath or speak, you have no choice but to trust your medical team to make decisions and know who you are. 

So I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am staying positive this will be a good fit. I already have my questions for him ready. Let’s pick his brain! 🙂
Cheers to finding the right fit!

Undefeated Diva

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