On the eve of the 30th…

I take stock of the last 10 years with admiration, love, and awe that I made it through. To my 20’s I thank you for holding within you some of thee most beautiful and awe inspiring moments of my life. I thank you for all of the lessons both enriching and the hard hitting . I thank you for showing me life from a different perspective. I thank you for holding within you international adventures, compassionate encounters, and love beyond compare. I want to thank you for teaching me about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. For getting me through your years with laughter and love. For teaching me to hold tight to what I hold dear. To know that with spice in my veins and an amazing support system I can conquer my darkest hours and minutes.
Above all thank you for holding within you the most precious of memories: The first sound of a heartbeat, the first feeling of movement, the first sound of a cry, the first inhale of breath, the first sleepless night of many, and the first moment of true peace I have ever felt… Thank you for my son!
Thank you 20’s for being my stepping stone into the next decade. You showed me a helluva time. So, with a smile on my face and a finger in the air I bid you a farewell my friend, BRING IT 30’s! 

Undefeated Diva

My angels birthday!


The tears flow so swiftly as I say the words in my head…
Feliz cumpleaños mi hermoso ángel!

This moment right here is a moment that lives on, on the walls of my home and in my heart for eternity!

Thank you… Thank you for this moment. Thank you for showing up to make this moment possible. I have it to look back at and smile… Now knowing it would be one of the last photos of us together.

Te amo mi ángel… ha sido un camino duro sin ti.

Today I PROMISE I will celebrate your life mi Viejita chula…. Today I will celebrate you… Your glory and your fight!

I miss you…
Happy Birthday Mi Reina… Mi Abuelita!

Until we meet again…

Your Grand baby…