Doing what your passionate about!

Today is the start of the future for residents with developmental disabilities in Lee County, FL!!!

Today I had the pleasure of announcing the launch of Friends Like You Incorporated (FLY). As the President and future Executive Director I couldn’t be more humbled and pleased to announce FLY’s launch of a new meaningful day program coming soon to Cape Coral.

Those of you that are receiving this email may know me through my sister Ashley. There is not one person that can say if you have encountered a person with a disability, that you did not walk away a better person! For me, that started at home. I learned patiences (slowly), understanding, and above all LOVE. Unfortunately throughout the years I have also learned the ugliness of the world we live in, with the stares of uneducated people, the true selfishness that plagues this world, and the ignorance that only someone with a jaded heart could foster. it is because of the ugliness and continued fight for Ashley’s god given rights that FLY was created!

For many years my family and I have worried about what my sister Ashley would do after high school because let’s be real people, limitations are set on people that do not fit the societal view of what is “normal”. I am humbled to be here to share with this community and all those that I encounter that FLY is going to show them all NEVER to set limitations again!

I am so excited about forging ahead and being able to bring such an amazing opportunity to those that never thought it was possible. The meaningful day program, we at FLY invasion is innovative and stretches the boundaries of what already exists.

To learn more we ask that you head over to :

We are accepting donations in all shapes and sizes, including monetary, furniture, or volunteer hours!

Thank you for taking the time to read this…

Christina “Big Sister” Gorgon