Best Lupus Blogs of 2015!

I am humbled to announce that has made list for Best Lupus Blogs for the second year in a row.

When I initially started writing I did it to help people to not feel alone in their journey. I quickly realized I wanted to not only help but INSPIRE. I have had the most beautiful journey since. Thank you to for seeing this and helping my vision come true by giving me a bigger platform to reach.

Check out the list here Best Lupus Blogs 2015

With love and humility,

Undefeated Diva


Another Angel….


Instagram: (see picture above) My fellow #spoonies unite! We gained a beautiful angel today. Prayer for her family! @hannareese17. We just recently started following eachother and in a short time she inspired me! Only 16… Beautiful butterfly, may you soar until we see you again!

I take a moment… To grieve … Only 16… When will they listen? A cure is needed! Are we not loud enough? Do we not stand tall enough? Do you need a face for it! I will be the face. I stand tall! I am loud enough! I will speak for my brothers and sisters that can not. I will stand tall for my brothers and sisters that can not. I am one face of MILLIONS! When will you listen!?

Angry… Sad… ,
Undefeated Diva