Is it so hard to be nice?

As I sit and review my week, I am astounded by it all. So much has happened this week both personally and in the world.  I do not care to open up a can of worms, so I will start and end with this… We, as people are all in this together. I am unsure where or when, but somewhere along the way we have lost sight of that. This weekend I sat and looked at the world around me and was saddened by the anger, hostility, and all around carelessness out there. Walking by people in need, not stopping to acknowledge a greeting. Look up from your phones people, stop and look around you. Say hello to your fellow man.

Is it really so hard to be nice?

When did we as a society lose grip with the world around us? When did we lose compassion for our fellow man and neighbor?

Never the less it was a fresh reminder to myself that, WE… We the people are all on this beautiful planet together, why not make it great? I hope I succeed in instilling this in my son, each and every day!


Undefeated Me