Dear 2014

Page 365 of 365, are you ready to close the book? –ME

Dear 2014,

You were filled with firsts and lasts, enemies and friends, pain and beauty in abundance. Day’s I never thought would end and day’s I wished would go on for eternity. A roller coaster from day one you brought with you a whirlwind, which at times I wished I could get off. Unfortunately, we all know life isn’t always accommodating in that way. Without question you taught me that I have a much deeper sense of will and self then I ever realized, all while teaching me that there are some unflattering things that I need to take care of STAT. 2014 you were about learning and “being still”. I spent much of you attempting to tame the ways that have in the past been destructive. Even when you brought about changes that brought me to my knees, you gave me strength that was unwavering.

2014, you also brought me the most beautiful news, that 2015 will bring me the beautiful title of Mommy! With all of your strife, 2014, you taught me more about me, showed me beauty, and taught me that even in my darkest hour hold on to my light. I have learned that my light is what keeps me human and reminds me of my humility and compassion. You taught me to love differently. You also reminded me that even when others doubt me, to NEVER doubt myself. Even when the crowd goes left, go right if it feels honest.

Thank you 2014 for the happiness, laughs, and tears. You made me stronger and smarter. Tonight will be bittersweet but a swift kick in the ass out the door will be my final goodbye to you! I welcome 2015 with open arms and an open heart.

Peace out 2014… Thanks for the lessons but I’m not sad to see you go!

Undefeated Diva!

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