Hair loss 

I know Hair loss is a characteristic of Lupus BUT I truly do not know how I have hair on my head! The clumps are getting worse and my bald spot is back. 

I am in  search for new remedies, any suggestions? What do you guys do?

Maybe bald is the way to go!


Undefeated me!

2 thoughts on “Hair loss 

  1. I use Nioxin, system 4, also switch it up with Ogx Niacin and Argan Oil shampoo, also get shots in my scalp along with Clobetasol liquid I use 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off and go again. And I use rogaine on the thinning hair. I also take Hair Skin and Nails, Lysine, and Evening primrose supplements, fish oil and vit d and vit b injections. My hair is growing back.


  2. Sorry about the hair loss. 1. Purchase a soft rubber brush that can penetrate the scalp and jently massage the scalp through out the day to stimulte scalp and 2. a warm soft compress to the head for additional blood flow. 3rd. Take the same supplements that were prescribed for prenatal care. 4th. Thing I will mention at another time.


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